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      The epic adventures of Kitschy Koo began in the back of an Airstream trailer - her mother, abandoning her groom at the altar, had buried her sorrows in the arms of the Elvis impersonating minister. The affair was a glad one, resulting in an adorable child the predictable nine months later.

    While growing up her family was constantly changing to fit the enviroment of her parents. From nudist colonies to wolf Sanctuaries, each place they set up settlement held new life lessions for little Kitschy. Nothing quite felt like home though. When she reached womanhood she bid fairwell to her parents and set out to make her own adventure.

    One day she HIT the streets of Las Vegas. (Literally) when a crazed soccer mom failed to stop. Kitschy was at the time engaged in motoring about (complete with funny mouth sounds) on her adorable vintage scooter, contemplating the merits of the perfect taco.

     As she laid sprawled on the ground, the glittering lights of Fremont street started to glow even brighter and brighter and Vegas Vick appeared. "Kitschy Stop running from your destiny, you are not your mother. I need your help! The world has lost its glimmer and class. Let your Ta-Taas and Who-Ha speak for me. show the world that Glitter and Glamour can still exist! "

     She awoke in a small dressingroom belonging to showgirls and dragqueens, who had been tube feeding her vodka and Vicodin. Not Sure if her vision was a dream, or consiquice of her makeshift medication, she asked her saviors to help in her revolution. 





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