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     For the first time in her life she had planted her feet. Living in downtown Las Vegas Nevada, she hoarded rhinestones and sequins while snuggling herself in feathers and fur.


     Kitschys new pack pointed her in the direction of Cha Cha Velour's Las Vegas Burlesque Academy , Graduating in 2011, she immediately took to the tease! Performaing locally for numerous clubs bars showrooms and festivals, winning the hearts of both audiences and producers with quirky cuteness and midwest mentalities 


     Her family became complete in 2012 when joining forces with FRED ROCKET and BUTTERCUP DELIGHT to form the trio group FRED ROCKET AND HIS ASTRO NAUGHTIES. 


     Now armed with a Home, family and a glamorus army, she continues to spread the word of her savior, Vegas Vick.

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